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Spark curiosity and ignite coding skills with our fun and educational platform, aligned with international standards.

Coding Minigame Series

Develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills as you progress, mastering everything from drag-and-drop coding to real-world languages like Python.


IconAge 5-7

Codi’s Escape | Icon Connect

Codi the robot needs your help to escape the factory. Click on the arrow buttons to create a path and guide Codi through each level.


BlockAge 8-11

Codi’s Escape | Block by Block

Codi's buddies have been trapped in the capsule prisons by Virus Bots. Your mission is to create programs to free all of his friends.


PythonAge 12-18

Codi’s Escape | Python Journey

Join Codi in the central command room as he guides his friends through factory rooms using Python.

At CodeVenture, we've crafted features to ensure coding is a great experience for everyone.

Interactive Coding Minigames

Experience bite-sized coding challenges designed for maximum engagement. With a variety of interactive minigames, students can explore coding concepts in a personalized and fun way, catering to different learning styles and skill levels.

Personalized AI Assistance

Meet your personal coding assistant! Our AI-powered feedback system provides personalized guidance and support to help students navigate coding challenges, offering instant feedback and tips to enhance their learning experience.

Classroom Management

Simplify your teaching process with our comprehensive classroom management tools. From student progress tracking to assignment management, CodeVenture empowers teachers to efficiently manage their coding classrooms and enhance student learning outcomes.

All resources needed is here

Access a wealth of curriculum resources aligned with educational standards. From lesson plans and slides to worksheets and assessments, CodeVenture provides teachers with everything they need to deliver engaging coding lessons and foster student success.

Start Coding in 4 Easy Steps!

Our easy-to-follow process helps your child develop valuable coding skills through exciting challenges.






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CodeVenture provides an exciting learning platform for students, fostering a love for coding through interactive challenges and personalized learning paths.

Engaging Learning Experience

Dive into coding with fun and interactive challenges that keep students motivated and eager to learn.

Confidence Building

Master coding concepts at your own pace, gaining confidence with each milestone achieved.

Flexible Learning

Enjoy the flexibility to learn coding on your schedule, with AI personal assistants available for instant help whenever needed.

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